Learn What Happens

During Birth 


Giving Birth Explained is a new series of online birthing classes. Through the videos you and your birth partner will learn what happens during the birth process, how to build body awareness and how to develop new communication skills.

Start by watching the videos in their sequence and repeat as many times as you wish. We provide access to the course for 1, 2, 3 and 6 months.


Why Body Awareness is the Key to Understanding Child Birth


Understanding that your brain and your body work together is called 'body awareness'.

Activating your body awareness gives you the opportunity to feel and visualize parts of your body and makes it easier to understand what happens during childbirth.

It guides you through the pre-labor, the first-, second-, third-, and fourth stage of labor.


Negative experiences during and around the birth process can happen due to a lack of communication between the woman giving birth and her environment. 

Familiarizing yourself with your body awareness helps to better communicate with your birth partner and midwife during pregnancy, labor and after-birth time.


Prof. Dr. med. Luigi Raio

Universit├Ątsklinik f├╝r

Frauenheilkunde, Inselspital

Bern, Switzerland

Giving Birth Explained is a wonderful, medically founded source of information to learn more about the natural process of giving birth. Mrs. El Agamy - Etman shares her work experience of many years in an understandable fashion and explains the birth process with very impressive illustrations. Recommended for mothers and fathers to be.

Jessica Kilmer

Midwife and Doula

Moses Lake,


I really enjoyed Giving Birth Explained, and found the information in it helpful and straightforward. I thought it was a good pace, and the visuals really enhanced the experience. It is so important to empower birthing people with knowledge about the process. I enjoyed the exercises in the videos and that we were encouraged to listen to our body, instead of trying to fit a certain mold. 

Elisabeth Bleisch

Midwife, Self-employed,

Bern, Switzerland

These videos are perfect for the preparation of your Birth. If you do the Giving Birth Explained exercises, you will be very well prepared for your big day.

Ir├Ęne Wyss-Gerber

Hypnotherapist NGH/VHS Birth Hypnosis

Ananda-Interlaken Practice for Hypnosis and Guided Visualization

This video course is excellently structured and a must in my practice for every pregnant woman and her partner to prepare responsibly for the birth of their baby. The videos illustrate the birth very clearly so that the woman is familiar with the processes in the body and can engage in the birth. 
Thanks to the visualization of the birth process, the woman will succeed in relaxing during the birth and will be in the mentioned flow.

Tina Škerlak

Project Manager

Swiss Federal Railways

Giving Birth Explained helped me overcome many fears concerning the birth process. Instead of feeling powerless, the course explained to me the functions of all participating organs with beautiful animated illustrations and made me trust in the superpower of the female body. Doing the exercises helped me understand my body reactions and how to best support this miraculous process.

Cema Souza


Excellent! It was so easy to understand and the information is highly valuable. As a professional birth doula - I would highly recommend this to all of my 1st-time birthing clients & even "seasoned" birthers who need a refresher or a more IN-DEPTH explanation of the process of giving birth!!!! BEAUTIFUL JOB! I wish I could use this to show all of my first-time birthing clients when teaching childbirth education myself.

Nicole Raehle


The book and the online course are excellent. May need some adaptation if used in different cultures but otherwise easy to follow and understandable.

Chiv F


I have really enjoyed this course and recommend it to all expecting parents!

A Course that Prepares you for
the Birth of your Baby

Every birth experience is unique! It should not be compared with anybody else’s birth experience or with your own previous experience. It is impossible to predict the timeframe and emotional journey of each birth experience.

The birth process, however, follows well-known rules called 'stages'. Every delivering woman and baby has to go through those stages.

Our videos are made to familiarize you with the rules of the birth process before it takes place. We also focus on building your body awareness, which helps you understand the bodily signals during pregnancy, giving birth and the after-birth time. This allows you to better communicate how you feel and what you experience.


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