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Antoinette El Agamy Etman

Physical Therapist and Author

1970: Dutch physical therapist Antoinette El Agamy Etman, worked in the medical field and applied the principles of her profession. She guided her patients with the target to improve their health and helped them regain their independence. To approach this task, she gave patients inside knowledge of how their body and brain work together and trained them in so-called body awareness.

Besides a well-developed body awareness, she knew that exercise therapy was equally necessary.

 With body awareness and exercise therapy, patients could better communicate their body experiences and take over a part of the responsibility to maintain their optimal physical and mental health.

1994: after giving birth to three daughters, Antoinette noticed how different the birth experience was perceived in her surroundings. The stories she heard varied from very easy births to very traumatic ones. She observed that, among others, fear and miscommunications during the birth process caused postpartum trauma. Trauma, which often had disturbing consequences for the newborn baby and the relationship of the parents for years to come.

She noticed that one of the causes of trauma in the birth stories originated in the misunderstanding of bodily signals and consequently in the miscommunication with midwives and birth partners. This inspired her to start giving birth preparation courses building on the principles of body awareness and exercise therapy. She became a guide for many women and their birth-partners to ease fear for and change the perception of giving birth. With a healthy physical and mental constitution giving birth is within the physiological possibilities.

2008: Antoinette El Agamy Etman started to collect her experiences and began to write a book in German. After three years of writing and rewriting she was happy to find Franziska Fahrni Habegger ready to illustrate the book.

2014: the «hep verlag ag» in Bern, Switzerland published Antoinette's book “Was geschieht bei der Geburt” 

2016: after receiving many requests for translation of the book in different languages, she decided to summarize it into twelve video lessons and called this video course “Giving Birth Explained”.

2020: The video course Giving Birth Explained is launched.


The author's special thanks go to:

Franziska Fahrni Habegger, graphic designer and illustrator, Switzerland

Marie-Christine Gassmann, midwife, Bern, Switzerland

Elisabeth Bleisch, midwife, Frutigen, Switzerland

Denise Schmid, midwife, Frutigen, Switzerland



Franziska Fahrni Habegger

Swiss artist and illustrator Franziska Fahrni Habegger has always drawn her inspiration from her love of nature. For over 25 years she has worked in the fine arts. She was the Head Designer of the Giving Birth Explained artworks.

Your Practice Online

All animations for Giving Birth Explained were created in collaboration with Your Practice Online, India.

Your Practice Online offers patient education video content for a wide range of medical specialties that play on all platforms and mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.


Prof. Dr. med. Luigi Raio

Universit├Ątsklinik f├╝r

Frauenheilkunde, Inselspital

Bern, Switzerland

Giving Birth Explained is a wonderful, medically founded source of information to learn more about the natural process of giving birth. Mrs. El Agamy - Etman shares her work experience of many years in an understandable fashion and explains the birth process with very impressive illustrations. Recommended for mothers and fathers to be.

Jessica Kilmer

Midwife and Doula

Moses Lake,


I really enjoyed Giving Birth Explained, and found the information in it helpful and straightforward. I thought it was a good pace, and the visuals really enhanced the experience. It is so important to empower birthing people with knowledge about the process. I enjoyed the exercises in the videos and that we were encouraged to listen to our body, instead of trying to fit a certain mold. 

Elisabeth Bleisch

Midwife, Self-employed,

Bern, Switzerland

These videos are perfect for the preparation of your Birth. If you do the Giving Birth Explained exercises, you will be very well prepared for your big day.

Ir├Ęne Wyss-Gerber

Hypnotherapist NGH/VHS Birth Hypnosis

Ananda-Interlaken Practice for Hypnosis and Guided Visualization

This video course is excellently structured and a must in my practice for every pregnant woman and her partner to prepare responsibly for the birth of their baby. The videos illustrate the birth very clearly so that the woman is familiar with the processes in the body and can engage in the birth. 
Thanks to the visualization of the birth process, the woman will succeed in relaxing during the birth and will be in the mentioned flow.

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