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The goal of our course is to bring you a better understanding of what happens in the female body during pregnancy and birth. 


Learn all about the birth process

in 100 minutes

Here's what you need to know about this course: 

A Guide to the Video Course

By watching our videos and following our exercises you will develop your body awareness and a better understanding of the stages of labor.

This video course will help you prepare for the birth of your baby in a mindful and realistic way. Watch our videos at your own pace. Take your time and repeat the modules.

Every video includes an in-depth explanation of a particular topic and ends with practical exercises so you can better internalise the lessons learnt and increase your body awareness with every video you watch.

This course was designed with everyone in mind:

Each video builds on the previous one and the easy flow of the content creates a clear and logical understanding of giving birth. It will make you feel less at the mercy of the birth process and more empowered to support your baby on its way out.

We recommend you do the exercises in every video as many times as you need and also feel free to repeat every chapter as often as you like.

Some of the knowledge might be new and other things you might already know. Try to be in a relaxing environment while you watch these videos so you can work on your body awareness with no distractions.

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Prof. Dr. med. Luigi Raio

Universitätsklinik für

Frauenheilkunde, Inselspital

Bern, Switzerland

Giving Birth Explained is a wonderful, medically founded source of information to learn more about the natural process of giving birth. Mrs. El Agamy - Etman shares her work experience of many years in an understandable fashion and explains the birth process with very impressive illustrations. Recommended for mothers and fathers to be.

Jessica Kilmer

Midwife and Doula

Moses Lake,


I really enjoyed Giving Birth Explained, and found the information in it helpful and straightforward. I thought it was a good pace, and the visuals really enhanced the experience. It is so important to empower birthing people with knowledge about the process. I enjoyed the exercises in the videos and that we were encouraged to listen to our body, instead of trying to fit a certain mold. 

Elisabeth Bleisch

Midwife, Self-employed,

Bern, Switzerland

These videos are perfect for the preparation of your Birth. If you do the Giving Birth Explained exercises, you will be very well prepared for your big day.

Irène Wyss-Gerber

Hypnotherapist NGH/VHS Birth Hypnosis

Ananda-Interlaken Practice for Hypnosis and Guided Visualization

This video course is excellently structured and a must in my practice for every pregnant woman and her partner to prepare responsibly for the birth of their baby. The videos illustrate the birth very clearly so that the woman is familiar with the processes in the body and can engage in the birth. 
Thanks to the visualization of the birth process, the woman will succeed in relaxing during the birth and will be in the mentioned flow.

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